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Weather permitting, you will find me and my boats by the riverside in Godmanchester most weekends during summer time.  I don't have a permanent site so I usually arrive with the kit at about 6 am and as the day breaks so does my back getting it all ready.  Everything is unpacked, cleaned and ready for a 9 am start.

I offer good customer service and provide clean, safe boats and equipment so that you can enjoy your trip on the river.


I can accommodate group hires, birthdays and parties so give me a call with your plan and we can see if we are able to make it work.


Contact me, Andrew -

07952 642956


River Routes & Information

For more details on downstream/upstream river routes have a look at the River Routes Map and the Journey Planner

Godmanchester - Brampton Mill - Brampton Lock - Buckden Marina

Godmanchester - Cook's Backwater - Hartford - Houghton Lock - Hemingford Meadows - St Ives

All boats are fully insured and are rented out with paddles and buoyancy aids.  Boats can be hired out hourly or for a full day.  You should allow 15 minutes prior to departure for fitting of buoyancy aids and a safety briefing.  All clients must be able to swim to a basic standard.  All persons under 8 must be accompanied by an adult, (1-1 ratio).  All persons under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Routes & Info

What to Bring

When you hire a canoe you will be supplied with a buoyancy aid, watertight containers and paddles. There are a few other items that can make your experience more comfortable:


  • spare clothes in case you get wet - expect to get wet!

  • you may want to bring some snacks and maybe even a little picnic, as there are lots of little spots along the river to pull up alongside and enjoy your picnic while watching the wildlife.

  • take all your rubbish with you when you leave, please don’t leave it on the banks or in the river.

  • bring plenty of water to drink, especially if it’s a hot day.

  • On hot days, it’s advisable to bring sun protection, on overcast days perhaps some rainwear.

  • Wellington Boots can be dangerous as they easily fill with water so please don’t wear them when canoeing.  Flip Flops fall off.  Secure footwear is advisable.

What to bring

River respect & safety

  • Always respect all who use the river - people and wildlife.

  • If you’re under 18, then we are legally obliged to ensure that you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

  • Fishing is a popular past-time on the Ouse so keep well away from their lines.

  • Fishing is not permitted without an appropriate licence.

  • Bring your rubbish back with you.  Don’t leave it in the river or on the river bank.

  • Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times.

  • Don’t leave your children unattended.

  • We encourage you to take a mobile phone with you so you have means of contact in the unlikely event of an emergency.

  • Alcohol and paddling don’t mix, take soft drinks with you instead.


See the RIVER SAFETY document for more information.

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